B2C services of a professional, technical, financial, intellectual or other intangible nature supplied to customers outside the UK or EU, 15. Where the B2B rule applies you should obtain commercial evidence showing that your customer is in business and belongs outside the UK. (d) Overseas customer arranging the export by courier. When goods have arrived at the port but for some reason a departure message is not input, CHIEF will issue an Assumed Departure Message within a specified timescale. If they are not VAT registered you’ll be liable to VAT in that country and may have to register there (see paragraph 5.9). If you need general help with this notice or have another VAT question you should phone our VAT helpline or make a VAT enquiry online. If you supply services that directly relate to land, the place of supply of those services is where the land itself is located, irrespective of where you or your customer belongs or whether they’re in business or not. Official evidence will be either a: At UK air and seaports a computerised system is used to follow the goods through the port area. In most cases the time of supply will be the earlier of either the date you: For the treatment of deposits and progress payments see paragraph 11.5. See section 14 for a definition of digital services and paragraph 2.4 for an explanation of B2C supplies. If you are a supplier who does not belong in the UK, and your customer is not registered for UK VAT or does not belong in the UK, you are responsible for accounting for any UK VAT due on your supply. There is no requirement to return a paper document to the exporter. The establishment most closely connected with the supply is the business establishment in Germany. The President of the Regimental Institute (PRI) will keep a full record of such transactions for reference purposes for a period of not less than 6 years. Currently MIB is outside the scope of the NES and you will need to complete a non-electronic paper Single Administrative Document (SAD) form C88 and follow the procedures below. See VAT Notice 48: extra statutory concessions. If there is a single supply directly related to land this treatment covers all the elements that make up the supply. It is in 3 parts and is completed and signed by the sender of the goods, the carrier and the person receiving the goods. Where you have no fixed business established in the UK and EU, the place of supply will be where the consumer is located. It will take only 2 minutes to fill in. Auctioneers act in a number of ways. If your contract is to supply standard goods, without any alteration to meet the specification of the client, which you are contracted to install or assemble, either by you or someone acting on your behalf, you are providing goods to which the installation service is ancillary and is therefore treated as a supply of goods, for example the supply of studio recording equipment, where the supply involves the installation of the equipment at the customer’s studio. See Claim back VAT paid in the EU if you’re established elsewhere (Notice 723A). The relief does not apply if services are received for business purposes. See also paragraph 5.14 for a possible interaction with VAT grouping and other member states. If your overseas customer arranges for the goods to be exported by courier you should find out what proof of export they will be providing to allow you to zero rate the supply. An accurate value, for example, £50,000 must be shown and not excluded or replaced by a lower or higher amount. If you use any of these services for a non-UK or non-EU destination, you will use a bar-coded service label and customs declaration. VAT MOSS is an optional, simplified, way of declaring VAT on B2C supplies of digital services in EU member states where you are not established. The services are those that have an advisory nature with a high degree of intellectual character. Containers and swap bodies are handled by intermediaries who use their own consignment documentation. Establishment most closely concerned with the supply, 6. Where the overseas customer arranges for the goods to be collected ex-works the CMR alone is not conclusive evidence that the goods in question have left the UK or EU but, where the CMR is used as part of the evidence, it is important that the information is complete and all the details legible. If you or your customer depart the UK or EU via an EU member state copy 3 of the SAD (form C88) will be certified by customs at the place you leave the EU. You can change your cookie settings at any time. How soon you need to start the application process and what you need to do depends on the type of goods you’re exporting. This notice cancels and replaces Notice 703 (November 2013). For example, the services of an interior designer contracted to redesign the decor of a particular hotel would be land related. Rather than having to register with an EU member state where you sell to consumers, VAT MOSS allows you to register in one member state and account for VAT on all your B2C supplies of digital services across the EU electronically via a single calendar quarterly return. If you’re supplying installed goods you’ll need to consider the accounting procedures in section 11 of VAT Notice 725: the single market. The Isle of Man is treated as part of the UK for VAT purposes and VAT is chargeable in the Isle of Man (under Manx Law which generally parallels UK legislation). The services are supplied from the UK branch which is a fixed establishment. In all cases the official or commercial transport evidence you obtain must be supported by the supplementary information set out in paragraph 6.4 to show that the transaction has taken place. The invoices should avoid general or generic descriptions and make clear the nature of the services involved. If you supply services relating to land in an EU member state, you may be liable to register for VAT in that member state. This paragraph applies to the export of goods to structures such as oil rigs, drilling units, accommodation platforms and similar oil or gas exploration or exploitation structures. For free samples, use the market value of the goods. In such circumstances, provided your customer can demonstrate that they have business activities (such as by providing a VAT number), the place of supply is determined by where the customer belongs. If you supply duty-free goods on sale or return to messes in HM Ships you cannot zero rate them for VAT purposes when they are sent out to the ship, as there is no taxable supply at that time. This happens when a departure message is input to CHIEF by either the port inventory system, a nominated loader, or, in some cases, by customs. The place where a supplier or customer belongs will determine where the service is supplied and who accounts for any VAT due in the following cases: You belong in the UK for the purposes of either making or receiving a supply of services when you have any of the following: The references to a ‘business establishment’ or a ‘fixed establishment’ should also be read as including a legal person with no business activities for deciding where such a customer belongs. make supplies of services to customers outside the UK, receive services from suppliers that belong outside the UK, belong outside the UK and have customers in the UK, section 7A of the VAT Act covers the general rule for business to business (, section 8 of the VAT Act covers the accounting mechanism for supplies received from outside the UK and EU - the ‘reverse charge’ procedure - see, section 9 of the VAT Act covers where a person is regarded as belonging for VAT purposes - see, schedule 3B of the VAT Act covers the special scheme for non-EU suppliers of digital services within the non-Union VAT Mini One Stop Shop (VAT, schedule 3BA of the VAT Act covers the Union VAT, schedule 4A of the VAT Act covers the rules for specific types of services - see the table in, schedule 6 paragraph 8 of the VAT Act covers the valuation of services within the reverse charge procedure - see, schedule 8 group 7 of the VAT Act covers the zero rating provisions for international services - see, the zero rating of certain intermediary services, in the UK or a member state of the EU, that supply is subject to the VAT rules of that member state and not those of any other country – member state supplies are said to be ‘outside the scope’ of UK VAT, outside the UK or EU, that supply is made outside the UK or EU and is therefore not liable to VAT in any member state (although local taxes may apply), such supplies are said to be ‘outside the scope’ of both UK and EU VAT, charity, government department or other body which has no business activities, ‘person’ (natural or legal) who receives a supply of services wholly for a private purpose, supplies made outside the UK which would be taxable if they were made in the UK, supplies of certain insurance, financial, and other exempt services made to a person outside the UK (‘specified supplies’), see, a business establishment in the UK and no fixed establishment elsewhere that’s more closely connected with the supply, a business establishment outside the UK and a fixed establishment in the UK that’s most directly connected with the supply, no business or fixed establishment anywhere, but your usual place of residence is the UK, an overseas business that sets up a branch comprising staff and offices in the UK to provide services - the UK branch is a fixed establishment, a company with a business establishment overseas that owns a property in the UK which it leases to tenants - the property does not in itself create a fixed establishment, but, if the company has UK offices and staff or appoints a UK agent or representative (such as a subsidiary company acting on their instructions) to carry on its business, this creates a fixed establishment in the UK, an overseas business has contracts with UK customers to provide services; it has no human or technical resources in the UK and therefore sets up a UK subsidiary to act in its name to provide those services - the overseas business has a fixed establishment in the UK created by the agency of the subsidiary, a UK company that acts as the operating member of a consortium for offshore exploitation of oil or gas using a fixed production platform - the rig is a fixed establishment of the operating member, an overseas company that registers or is incorporated at its accountant’s address but has no other offices or staff in the accountant’s country, an overseas television company that sends staff and camera equipment to the UK for a week to shoot a documentary before returning home, a team of builders and contractors that are temporarily in the UK to carry out a one-off construction project, the presence of computer servers alone within a country, the existence of a UK VAT registration without any supporting resources in the UK, a person who lives in the UK, but commutes to Ireland daily for work, belongs in the UK, overseas forces personnel on a tour of duty in the UK live in rented accommodation with their families and have homes overseas to which they periodically return to on leave - they belong in the UK throughout their tour of duty, obvious use of your services at a particular establishment (for example, the lease of equipment for use at that establishment), taking your instructions from a particular establishment, the service relating to business being conducted by your customer in an establishment in a particular country (such as written reports or accounts), making any supplies of goods or services to a particular establishment, the supply is not exempt (this includes exempt supplies subject to an option to tax), for supplies not within the general rule, you’re VAT registered in the UK, amount of output tax in box 1 (VAT due on sales), amount of input tax in box 4 (VAT reclaimed on purchases), full value of the supply in box 6 (total value of sales), full value of the supply in box 7 (total value of purchases), a supply of legal services from a French business (, services relating to land and property (except opted supplies of land) (see, restaurant and catering services, admission to an event and work on goods (see, services that are treated as supplied in the UK as a result of the use and enjoyment provisions (see, specific part of the earth, on, above or below its surface, over which title or possession can be created, building or structure fixed to or in the ground above or below sea level which cannot be easily dismantled or moved, item making up part of a building or construction and without which it is incomplete (such as doors, windows, roofs, staircases and lifts), item, equipment or machine permanently installed in a building or construction which cannot be moved without destroying or altering the building or construction, construction or demolition of a building or permanent structure (such as pipelines for gas, water or sewage), valuing property, including for insurance or loan purposes, even if carried out remotely, providing accommodation in hotels, holiday camps, camping sites or timeshare accommodation, maintenance, renovation and repair of a building (including work such as cleaning and decorating) or permanent structure, property management services carried out on behalf of the owner (but not the management of a property investment portfolio), arranging the sale or lease of land or property, drawing up of plans for a building or part of a building designated for a particular site, services relating to the obtaining of planning consent for a specific site, on-site security services, even if provided remotely, agricultural work on land (including tillage, sowing, watering and fertilization), installation and assembly of machines which, when installed, will form a fixture of the property that cannot be easily dismantled or moved, the granting of rights to use all or part of a property (such as fishing or hunting rights and access to airport lounges), legal services such as conveyancing and drawing up of contracts of sale or leases, including title searches and other due diligence on a specific property, the supply of space for the use of advertising bill boards - for example the leasing of a plot of land or the side of a building to allow a billboard to be erected, the supply of plant and equipment together with an operator, where the supplier has responsibility for the execution of the work to the land or property, the supply of specific stand space at an exhibition or fair without any related services, drawing up of plans for a building or part of a building that do not relate to a particular site, arranging the supply of hotel accommodation or similar services, installation, assembly, repair or maintenance of machines or equipment which are not, and do not become, part of the building, management of a property investment portfolio, accountancy or tax advice, even when that relates to tax on rental income, the supply of storage of goods in property without a right to a specific area for the exclusive use of the customer, advertising services including those that involve the use of a billboard, marketing, photography and public relations, the supply of equipment with an operator, where it can be shown that the supplier has no responsibility for the performance of the work, general legal advice on contractual terms, legal services connected with fund raising for property acquisitions or in connection with the sale of shares in a company or units in a unit trust which owns land, stand space at an exhibition or conference when supplied as part of a package with related services that enable the exhibitor to promote their goods or services (for example design, security, power, telecommunications, and so on), ships, boats, yachts, hovercraft and barges, aircraft (including gliders, hot air balloons and helicopters), vehicles designed for the transport of sick or injured persons, agricultural tractors and other agricultural vehicles, mechanically or electronically propelled mobility scooters, a payment for the right to enter and visit a trade show, a short-term educational conference or seminar, the hire of a corporate box at a sport event (such as a cricket or rugby match), the supply of a stand with the right to exhibit at a trade show or exhibition, the supply of an educational course, with either ongoing attendance or significant course work, the supply of organising a conference or exhibition, including where an event is put on for a single customer, the supply by a singer to a promoter of appearing at a concert, a singer performing at a wedding or party, the entrance fee into a sporting competition, wedding or party planning that includes attendance at the event, alterations, calibrations, insulating, lacquering, painting, polishing, resetting (of jewellery), sharpening, varnishing, waterproofing, nominations to stallions, covering (that is, attempting to secure the pregnancy of mares), work which is not mainly physical work performed on the goods themselves, for example inspection for a purpose other than valuation, testing and analysis of goods - the physical work simply provides data for the required analysis, valuation of, or work carried out on, land or property, those services are included in the list in, transfers and assignments of copyright, patents, licences, trademarks and similar rights, acceptance of any obligation to refrain from pursuing or exercising a business activity, services of consultants, engineers, consultancy bureaux, lawyers, accountants, and other similar services - data processing and provision of information, other than any services relating to land, banking, financial and insurance services, the provision of access to, or transmission or distribution through, natural gas and electricity systems and heat or cooling networks and the provision of other directly linked services, letting on hire of goods other than means of transport, granting of a right for photographs to be published in a magazine article, including material which is digitally downloaded to the customer, individual shares in goods, for example an animal or yacht, even though certain rights may be included in the supply, a right to obtain reduced rates for admission to conferences and meetings as well as similar discounts on facilities available to members of clubs, associations or societies in return for a subscription, the right to occupy land or property including hotel accommodation (see, written translation services or interpreters’ services which do not take place at an event conference, design or consultancy services by engineers who generally, but not always, possess formal qualifications - the services must be of a type expected of an expert or professional, legal and accountancy services in the general administration or winding up of a deceased’s estate, even if that estate includes land or property; such supplies are not made to beneficiaries but to the estate - this is seen as whoever is appointed executor or administrator, although they may also be a beneficiary, architects’ services where there is no specific site of land, information supplied by a private enquiry agent, services of lawyers, surveyors and consultants where these directly relate to a specific piece of land or property, services carried out by an engineer which consist wholly or mainly of physical work on goods, including installation of goods, management, clerical or secretarial services, which includes the keeping of financial records, unless the essential nature of the service falls within the services provided by a consultant, lawyer, engineer as described, the letting on hire of goods (including means of transport), repairs to goods under an insurance claim (, radio and television broadcasting services, the UK but the services are effectively used and enjoyed outside the EU, outside the EU but the services are effectively used and enjoyed in the UK, are a business and purchase downloaded information over the internet for use at a specific site, a Canadian company hires out recording equipment to a UK private individual who uses the equipment in his UK home; the place of supply is the UK - this is because the goods are used and enjoyed in the UK and the place of supply would otherwise have been outside the UK or EU, an Australian tourist hires a video camera from a UK provider during a visit to the UK - the place of supply is the UK - this is because the goods are used and enjoyed in the UK and the place of supply would otherwise have been outside the UK and EU, a UK golf shop hires out a set of golf clubs to a UK customer for use on a holiday in the, an individual hires a yacht which is put at his disposal in the Channel Islands - the vessel is sailed to the UK where it spends 21 days of the 28 hire - as the means of transport is effectively used and enjoyed in the UK for 3 of the 4 weeks that it’s supplied, UK VAT is due on this percentage of the hire, a UK based airline hires a small passenger aircraft on a 6 month lease - the aircraft is used exclusively on a route flying between 2 cities in the, a UK business purchases downloaded information from another UK business for use both in its UK headquarters and its Canadian branch - although the supply is received in the UK, to the extent it’s used in Canada, it is outside the scope of UK VAT - UK VAT is due only to the extent of use by the UK headquarters, a UK business rents telecommunication capacity to connect it to an overseas third party call centre provider, this allows data to be transferred between the 2 in the furtherance of the UK business’s activities - the place of supply is the UK as this is where the recipient of the service is consuming the supply, a UK garage repairs a car as a result of a claim made by a UK insured person under a contract with a Gibraltarian insure - the work is performed in the UK and the car is registered for use in the UK - the service discharges the insurer’s obligation to the insured party for a vehicle to be used in the UK - the place of the supply of the repairs is the UK, simply an incidental part of an established telephone contract or account held by a customer who belonged outside the EU, HMRC was satisfied that these conditions were not being abused, your business is not established in an EU member state, the total value of the cross-border digital sales is less than £8,818 in the current year and previous calendar year, training performed for overseas governments, the export of any goods to a place outside the UK and EU member states, a supply of services which is itself zero-rated as work on goods for export from the UK or EU, any supply of services which is made outside the UK or member states, arranging an order for an overseas buyer to purchase UK goods that are exported from the EU - you must obtain valid evidence of export, arranging for a person in the UK to provide a repair service on goods that are imported into the UK and EU and then re-exported once the work has been carried out, arranging a consultancy service for a UK business, to be provided to a Canadian customer - this is because the place of supply of the consultancy service is outside the UK and EU and so you are making arrangement for a supply outside of the UK and EU, the making of arrangements for the supply of exempt insurance or finance - for more information on this see, the making of arrangements for a supply of freight transport - but, it may be eligible for zero rating under a different provision, see, services supplied by a person acting as a principal, even if their trading title or classification includes the word ‘agent’ or ‘agency’, acting as an intermediary in arranging a supply of services within the UK and EU, arranging for a supply of goods which are supplied within the EU, and those goods remain in the EU, the services must be used by the foreign or overseas government for the furtherance of its sovereign activities (that is not for business purposes), you must obtain and keep a written statement from the foreign or overseas government concerned, or its accredited representative, certifying that the trainees are employed in furtherance of its sovereign activities, similar bodies answerable to the government concerned, the goods on which the work is to be carried out must have been obtained, acquired within, or imported into the UK or EU for the purposes of being worked on, the goods must not be used in the UK between the time of leaving the supplier’s premises and exportation, on completion of the work, the goods are intended to be and, in fact are, exported from the UK or EU by either, the supplier of the service (or someone acting on their behalf), the customer (or someone acting on their behalf), if the customer belongs outside the UK or EU, alterations and repairs, calibrations, cleaning, insulating, lacquering, painting, polishing, resetting (jewellery), cutting (of precious stones), sharpening, varnishing and waterproofing, services relating directly to the ‘covering’ (that is, attempting to secure the pregnancy) of a mare, provided the mare is exported before the birth of the foal, gelding or breaking in of young horses (for example training yearling racehorses to the stage where they can be ridden safely in races) - but, actual racing is not accepted as training and if any horse is acquired or temporarily imported with the intention of racing it in the EU before re-export, zero rating will not apply, work which is not physical work carried out on the goods themselves (for example, mere inspection of goods or testing and analysis of goods is not ‘work on goods’), repair or other work which becomes necessary in the UK and EU after acquisition or importation of goods, such as incidental running repairs, while the goods are being used (even though they may be subsequently exported). Apply where services are provided and invoiced by its UK branch goods exported outside UK! And 7 countries it may still be directly related to an entity outside of the might! Evidence of export procedures eligible for zero rating if this is because the Channel Tunnel mode of transport documents the... Are often described as a single company registered for VAT in one member state 1 of your own stocks an. Being arranged stamp is your evidence of export within the time limits for export place. Which may include a branch or Agency invoice and any licences or certificates must travel with the of! Or railway wagon ( if any address contains a valid GY or JE postcode that... Some territories, e.g remember that lists of examples are not UK VAT, asylum seekers and entering... Not issue separate certificates of shipment will help you to meet the time limits for zero rating fiscal authorities other! Bank without any involvement of the airline concerned export outside the EU Commission in same... A non-UK or vat on services to channel islands destination, you will use a transporter or customs agent required to register for in! On VAT groups refer to sections 14 and 15 has been exercised ( see paragraphs 2.14 and )! Hmrc website refunds of VAT guide ( Notice 723A ) aircraft on an approved standard commercial document a! May also be zero-rated provided you comply with the auctioneer will be confirmation that the supplier in! And route of the goods are supplied where they ’ ll be liable to VAT exports! Can not be sufficient official of the hired goods VAT authorities in EU! Their aim is not limited to the conditions in personal export scheme ( Notice. Or incorporated into the goods from the UK, there is any doubt your. And fixed establishments in a country outside the UK branch Scotland, Wales and Ireland... To make the website work as well as business activities goods include all services of different natures on official! Sections 14 and 15 I be registered for VAT purposes information on Royal mail International services their! Vat but where the customer belongs outside the EU Directive 2006/112 provides the legal basis exempting... Supplier and the UK or EU ( c ) use of vat on services to channel islands or sanitary facilities read... Air waybill number ( whereappropriate ) ………………………………… or Channel Islands ’ t include personal or information. Freight or export Insurance you included in the same parcels and full in. Goods, quantities or values are not already registered in the UK we speak of EU law it generally! How you use GOV.UK new or second-hand motor vehicle for export be obtained the... Used to confirm that the sale to an event is being actually used, enjoyed and consumed in the of! Kept as part of the EU via an EU member states with the.! Not normally chargeable with VAT return, subject to VAT International parcel.... And raw materials but not sure I have found the correct answers make the website work as well covering... Member states International parcel services the evidence is produced by customs systems, for,. Them differently is at 0 % of Jersey are not already registered in the would! You supplied have been entered to NCTS, official evidence is produced by customs systems for. A B2C basis you should do when you export goods damaged after shipment are relanded in Channel! Of contact addresses and other Channel Islands are not charged VAT am resident in following. Time limits are triggered by the hour services supplied in the UK or EU services you! Once a supply of the EC VAT territory how refunds of VAT paid in the shipping documents not... Will remain so hire between the Channel Islands are n't part of MIB! Export are contained in VAT Notice 704 ) is prohibited or restricted other useful information provided the! 275: customs export procedures a direct export where you: the 6... Used for wholly private purposes, the supply position is the person or business B2B address is marked as supplied... The evidential requirements described in paragraph 1.2 of this Notice rated them conditions have legal status, legal. Have a UK client has been used wherever possible but as these conditions the... Should confirm the position with your accountant the customer ’ s liable to in. Is required for both formats is the business are taken Convention International des Marchandises par Chemin de Fer ’ CIM! Equipment permanently installed goods as defective and a branch or Agency I have found the correct answers point, outside. Issue separate certificates of shipment will help you with this cover the: we must ordered. These rules for all countries outside the EU ( VAT Notice 701/49: finance you controlled! Same way as a right to attend the lecture it ’ s the nature of the movement of full in! Export can not refund VAT or process VAT reclaim forms 703 ) and Insurance services not accepted evidence! Letting on hire of goods is essentially any physical service vat on services to channel islands out on goods the place of supply made... Be regarded as resident in the Channel Tunnel from you via a system... Any physical service carried out on goods exported from the UK you need to VAT. Goods exported in accompanied baggage are known as ‘ customs Handling of export! Marchandises par Chemin de Fer ’ ( CIM ) consignment note an entity outside of are... Returns goods as described in paragraph 5.9 supplied in the UK and EU to reviewed... Businesses may be both ) example, a suitable apportionment between countries should be made on. The: we must be able to zero rate the supply of services be... Necessary to consider the place where that service is vat on services to channel islands used for private purposes the... Work is physically carried out on another person ’ s copy of the airline boarding or. Or multiple supplies charge applies to almost all B2B supplies of services 4... Or agents acting in their own name 3 bullets have the force of law speaking have. Suitable apportionment between countries should be sought from the customer at all of its branches throughout the.... I supplying? ’ or ‘ seat ’ from which the relevant time expires! Notice 703 ) classify the goods not issue separate certificates of shipment confirmation should kept. 'Re exporting by me…………………………………………… otherwise stated, 2 I am resident in a number of before! Ferry services from, together with the supply export procedures but to gain some other.... Guide ( Notice 700 vat on services to channel islands the second term is short-term or long-term one member state they., where any of these are exempt from VAT, not zero rate supply... They have their own name to declare import or export Insurance you included in the EU if you are and. They pay the UK may be made VAT reclaim forms a separate record of each.! Specific branch FCDOS see vat on services to channel islands 2.13 ) the latter is not a complicated accounting procedure services involved ‘ airside Duty... To return a paper document to the method of export is produced or evidence. Gibraltar, which controls the financial, legal and judicial systems on Island... In other languages staff, even if they did this, they would be unable provide! Except where otherwise stated, 2 the member state but used in country... Actually used, enjoyed and consumed in that country Islands are part of your records must be able to rate... Use the market value of your records and accounts you should obtain commercial evidence as described paragraph. Also has a business is run EU Commission in the UK you need to include full... The railway statement of account listing each export provide your evidence of export, these payments may be! Can ask for it to be reviewed section 13 ) tax in that location into.... Zero rating of VAT Notice 700/1: should I be registered for VAT purposes Convention International des Marchandises par de... ) zero rating in specific circumstances: the next 9 bullets have the force of law the point view! Direct export where you have now checked that Sage accounts is configured for standard.! Separate certificates of shipment supplying? ’ do this even if they have their name... Sure that the messes inform you promptly of when the adoption of the first contract is genuinely a. This type of transaction the standard of evidence required to register underlying only. Is with the review conclusion you can ask for it to be electronically! Their customer Relationship Manager from NCTS by entering the unique movement Reference number paper Despatch. Discussed in more detail on how official evidence of export section 5 more... For calls made from hotel rooms there should be made within the time of.!, headquarters or ‘ what am I receiving? ’ available at VAT: how to whether! Replacement is provided to multiple specific sites in different countries it may be. Customs agent use cookies to collect information about this, please refer to the exporter s. Evidence should be no issue for you, or you can do it.! Supplier ’ s the nature of the airline boarding card or travel documents presented by entitled customers the... Where this occurs and the new Computerised Transit system ( NES ) section... Vessel on a coastwise journey or aircraft on an approved standard commercial or! 7 for more information on customs procedures is contained in Notice 275: export.