When a metric prefix is affixed to a root word, the prefix carries the stress, while the root drops its stress but retains a full vowel in the syllable that is stressed when the root word stands alone. LearnThatWord is a complete solution. English words beginning with the prefix demi-. For example, if you place the suffix -er at the end of the verb ‘compute’, so now it becomes ‘computer’ and functions as a noun. diplopia. Premium members support our global literacy campaign, Vocabulary Junction, and the expansion of our collaborative learners’ dictionary. demisemiquaver, demisemiquavers, disseminate, disseminated... See the full list of words here! 100s of usage examples 17 terms. -adjective. Words that rhyme In some English words, the French prefix is attached to an English word, as in demigod. Sleepless sleepless nightsdancing with databases. multi-. sentence examples. History and Etymology for demi-. Loading roots.